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Yuletide Letter 2010!
Dear Yuletide writer, YOU ARE AWESOME. And really, I would be happy with anything. But if you're like me and "anything" is way too vague and you'd like more of a starting place,

The Town: If you like writing gen, I would be happy with a character piece exploring Clare after the movie, or maybe why Frawley went into law enforcement, or an exploration of Doug and Jem's friendship. If het is more your thing, maybe tell me a story about Doug and Clare finding each other again after the end of the movie, or a snapshot of one of their times together during the movie. If you really want to go off the board, maybe something that works out the weird Krista/Doug/Jem references.

The Unusuals: I would read anything, honestly. Gen, het, slash, anything. (Even Eddie Alvarez and his wife going on a date.) I would LOVE Casey/Davis, because they are the most awkward and adorable duo ever, and so totally dorktastic. Jason Walsh is fascinating to me, and he and Allison are scorching together.

The series ends on such an abrupt note, you know? All the characters need closure of some sort.

State of Play: I would love Cal/Stephen/Anne while they were all in college together (doesn't have to be explicit), or Cal and Della being buddies, or Cal and Della hooking up in some way.

Things I like: Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner! Like that wasn't obvious, oops. I also like happy endings, snuggling, people cooking, and quiet times. And shenanigans. (I can't request The Unusuals and not say I like shenanigans, right?)

Things I don't like: Violence, although if you choose The Town then violence is perfectly okay, given the sort of movie it is.

Whatever rating story you'd like to write would be fine.


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