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Yuletide Letter 2011
First, dear author, you rock just signing up for Yuletide. (Hooray, Yuletide!) THANK YOU!

Second, I would be excited about any fic in any of these fandoms, no matter what it is. But I know some authors like to have more of a jumping-off place than just "I'll take anything, yay!", so -

Reaper - It's such a fun show, but mixed with such potential for sadness/drama. I would seriously read anything for this show: gen, het, slash, whatever. (Please no Sam/Devil, though.) I love Sock and Ben, so any sort of shenanigans with them would be my top choice. They can be the OTP, or just run around being idiots (well, Sock can be an idiot, and Ben can... fix things?) - up to you! If you're not into Sock and Ben, I'd be interested to read a story about Sam and Andi's relationship - they're always having drama on the show, so maybe something about how they are when they're not having drama. And I would also read Sam/Morgan, even though he's not on the character list, so...

golf RPF - Rory McIlroy/Graeme McDowell, being boyfriends or being platonic tour BFFs. I actually really enjoy golf, so if you want to write Rory and/or Graeme just playing golf, I wouldn't be bored, I PROMISE.

Hanna - What I would love most is a story about Erik, and the mind of a man who spends thirteen years grooming a child to be an assassin. (And if you wanted to follow that weird Erik/Hanna subtext the movie seemed to have going on, I am not opposed to that sort of thing.)

Varg Veum - Anything you want to write. I don't think there is even any fic for these movies anywhere? At least not that I've found. They're so full of pain and sadness, and Varg's angst face is always so sad yet he keeps going. If you need a prompt of some sort, maybe fic about the incident that caused Varg to leave Child Welfare?

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I don't know if you got any Varg Veum fic for Christmas, but you could try to post your request here:

(I just happened to drop by looking for Varg Veum-fiction. Hope that is okay.)

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