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Yuletide Letter 2009!

I am easy when it comes to these things, I promise. I will be happy with anything so long as it sort of goes with the things I requested. I don't really like things that are too dark or angsty, but I understand that there's usually some angst that goes along with sleeping with your brother, so that's totally fine. Mostly, though, I ♥ fluffy adorableness, especially domestic fluff.

If you choose to write JONAS, I am pretty much open to anything that's in keeping with the wacky tone of the show. My heart desires fivesome, but it can be totally PG-rated fivesome. I said no Joe/Macy because I do sort of 'ship Joe/Stella, so Joe/Macy would be too much angst for me - but other than that, anything is cool, including any of the boys together (er, not Frankie). If you don't want to write relationship fic, wacky genfic is also great.

If you choose to write Chelsea/Nicole, I just want them being adorable together. If you want to go for it and write their epic falling in love, that would be swell, but I'd be just as happy with something short and sweet. Don't feel like you need to write something huge for any of these! I know Yuletide can be stressful.

If you choose PPP, please no sad times. :-( A little bittersweet would be okay, though.

And finally, if you write me Sonny/Chad/Selena I would LOVE YOU FOREVER. It needs to exist! Otherwise, any sort of shenanigans and bickering would be awesome. I basically watch the show just for the Sonny/Chad interaction.

Thank you!!!!!


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