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Dear Author: 2016!!

Dear Author, thank you for signing up for Yuletide! Whether it is your first year, or you've been signing up for years, I hope you have fun.

Overall things I love in fic, no matter the fandom: relationship negotiation, polyamory, threesomes/moresomes, snuggling/cuddling in romantic OR platonic ways, people cooking for others ('food as a metaphor for love' is the AO3 tag of my heart), fic where people pretend to be married or accidentally get married, soulbonds (platonic or otherwise!), magical realism, name-on-skin stories. Tropes, basically! All the tropes!

Gen, het, slash, I am pretty much open to anything, and any rating, so don't feel like you need to write something NC-17 if that's not what you write. The only AUs I'm not keen on are the high school AU and A/B/O universes. Honestly, the only thing I'm not too keen on in fic is kinks involving bathroom functions, and I'd prefer no character death unless it's already in canon.

Fandom-specific requests:

Batman: Earth One (V1 & V2 available both physical copy and Kindle from Amazon, might be available from your local library): Sooooo you know how there's that panel where Bruce and Alfred are fighting and Bruce is wearing only a towel? Please go from there. ;-) Other possibilities: Thomas and Alfred friendship in the war zone, Jim Gordon character thinkpiece anything, Jim Gordon/Harvey Bullock of any sort - gen friendship where Jim helps Harvey dry out, even - or Jim and Barbara semi-adopt Harvey into their family.

The Killing (Seasons 1-4 all available on US Netflix): I would very much like to see fic that explores Sarah and Rick's relationship, either pre-show or as it declines during the show. Other possibilities: any of the above tropes for Sarah/Rick, Sarah/Stephen, and/or Stephen/Caroline.

The League (Seasons 1-7 all available on US Netflix): My kingdom for Pete/Kevin/Jenny, OT3 of my heart. I would love to see a story where the three of them negotiated this sort of relationship as adults. Definitely doesn't have to be explicit. Alternately, some sort of poly relationship negotiation (Pete/Kevin+Kevin/Jenny maybe?) with those three where they sort out who/what/when.

Independence Day (available on DVD and on-demand on Amazon Instant): So probably since I saw this movie as a teenager I have wanted some sort of David/Connie/Tom, whether it be the pre-movie threesome that they regretted afterward and that was what led to Tom and David being so grumpy with one another and the face-punching, or the post-movie where they're working to fix stuff and gradually drift into this weird three-person deal that they're all a bit confused by.

Tomorrowland (available on DVD and on Amazon Instant): Any of the above tropes for Frank/Casey, because I will admit that I love Frank/Casey. If you don't love Frank/Casey, I would also be really interested in reading a platonic Frank+Casey version of any of the above tropes where Casey is :-D :-D :-D about things and Frank is grumpy and they bicker adorably and it turns out all right in the end (this is basically what happens in the movie, which is why I love it so much!).


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